Regional Museum of Emigration, Piedmont Citizens Throughout the World | Frossasco, Italy

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In brief

The Regional Museum of the Emigration of Piedmont Citizen Throughout the World is in Frossasco, near Turin. It keeps examples of the Piedmont heritage abroad.


Museum Presentation

The Regional Museum of Emigration – Piedmont people through the world – a work that looks both to the past and the present, seeking to evoke the sense and significance of emigration in previous centuries – with special attention to emigration from Piedmont – and sharing what this means both today and in the future for "Piedmont citizens" living and working throughout the world.

Piedmontese emigrants

The setting up of such a museum was strongly supported by The Associazione Piemontesi nel Mondo (Association for Piedmont Citizens Throughout the World), with Michele Colombino and the Municipality of Frossasco responsible for creating and developing the idea. It was these latter parties who successfully arranged to find suitable premises for bringing together the wide-ranging examples of the Piedmont heritage, its value and importance, and the Piedmont community itself, abroad.

The work completed so far lays an essential significant foundation in raising awareness and appreciation of the history and achievements of Piedmont citizens abroad. It is not a point of arrival but a stepping-stone to the future; open to debates, discussion and further varied contributions.